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Share this article Share But these can fail because they can't reach the lower part of the soft palate - the uvula or the small piece of flesh you can see hanging down at the back of the throat - which vibrates and causes the noise. Doctors can use a laser or scalpel to trim the uvula so it doesn't vibrate, but recovery is extremely painful and can take weeks.

It makes eating and drinking difficult for some time stop dating forever.

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The operation costs around £2, privately and doesn't always work. Now a new pain-free treatment - pioneered in the U. It involves injecting the soft palate with chemicals to 'burn' the tissue. As it heals, it forms scar tissue that can't vibrate.

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The technique was discovered while diagnosing patients before surgery. Patients would have the chemicals injected into their soft palate to confirm this as the source of snoring before undergoing more invasive surgery to treat the problem. Surgeons found that in many cases the liquid created sufficient scar tissue to reduce snoring significantly without the need for surgery.

Now doctors at Southport and Ormskirk District Hospitals are using the liquid, a hardening agent called Fibro-vein, to treat snorers. The two-minute procedure - known as snoreplasty - is done under local anaesthetic.

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Patients can go home immediately and eat and drink half an hour later. In an initial trial of 60 patients given a single dose injection, 40 showed significant improvement.


For many, the snoring disappeared completely. An esimated stop dating forever people in Britain snore In half the patients, the effects lasted a full year until the scar tissue healed.

Those who need more frequent treatment can have up to three injections a year. The Zeo lamp is wired up to a headband worn during sleep.

This contains sensors stop dating forever the developers claim can measure brain activity. It is known that waking up in the middle of a deep sleep cycle can leave you feeling groggy.

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This device apparently detects when you move from deep to light sleep, a natural waking point, and then triggers an alarm to wake you up. Eating dates every day could cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes dramatically.

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Though in Britain we tend to eat dates only at Christmas, research suggests eating them regularly could produce significant health benefits. This was the finding from a small study in Israel.

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A group of ten healthy adults were given a couple of handfuls of dates a day for a month. At the end of the study, blood tests showed the volunteers had a 15 per cent drop in fats called triglycerides, implicated in heart disease weybridge viteza dating strokes.

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The scientists also found that dates reduced oxidation. This is a damaging process that increases the amount of cholesterol absorbed by the artery walls. A spray of insulin up the nose may beat depression An insulin spray squirted up the nose is being tested as a treatment for depression.

In a clinical trial, patients with severe depression will undergo the therapy for eight weeks. Researchers believe the hormone - which usually works to manage blood sugar levels - can also affect mood and memory. Some of the effects may kick in just an hour after treatment.

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The Toronto University trial comes in the wake of previous research showing insulin's benefits. One study at the University of Lubeck in Germany found that nasal insulin taken for two months increased feelings of well-being.


It also reduced feelings of anger, and improved word recall and memory. This stop dating forever be because insulin boosts levels of fatty acids in the blood. These are stop dating forever for the production of the brain chemical serotonin - too little can cause depression. Share or comment on this article: Health news: How a £3 jab in your mouth can stop snoring, eating dates may prevent heart attacks and a spray of insulin could help beat depression Most watched News videos.