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Large bureaucratic organizations such as the EU are the product of the industrial age and unfortunately, without significant reforms, they will not survive the digital age. The digital age leads to decentralization and cost-efficiency such as decentralized flow of information e. Internet and money e.

Invites young people to submit creative short films on social topics. Young people up to 25 years old at the time of the production of their videos.

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Multiple youth may work together to make one video, as long penpal dating all members of the group are maximum 25 years of age.

HD is preferred ×but not required. To submit a video for consideration, entrants must first complete the online form.

Videos may be submitted in one of four ways: Through a video-streaming website e. YouTube or Vimeo.

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If submitting through this option, the entrant will be asked to include the URL of the video in the online form. Through a file-hosting website e. Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

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If submitting through this option, you will be asked to include the Gute grunde warum man singur of the video in the online form.

By email through regular email or via WeTransfer. The latter will be automatically sent to you once you submit the form.

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By postage mail. The entrant can save their video on a DVD and write their name s and the English title of the video on it with a permanent marker.

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Deadline: 18 Juneat midnight EST.