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In adults, SSBs have been shown to promote ectopic fat storage and raise plasma triglycerides compared to equivalent amounts of semi-skim 1.

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Replacement of soda with milk had the added benefit of also reducing systolic blood pressure. While several studies have investigated the effects of SSBs on weight gain in children, no published studies have investigated their effects on lipid and lipoprotein risk factors under isocaloric conditions in metabolically at-risk adolescents, who are among the greatest consumers of SSBs.

The main objective of this study is to test whether isocaloric replacement of soda with reduced fat milk will significantly improve atherogenic dyslipidemia, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and liver function in overweight and obese adolescents who are habitual soda consumers.

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The investigators will test this in a 8 week randomized two period crossover trial in 30 overweight and obese adolescent males who are self-reported habitual consumers of SSBs. Anthropometrics, blood pressure, and blood samples will be collected at screen and at the end of each intervention period.

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Plasma measurements will include LDL peak particle diameter; lipoprotein subclass concentrations; triglycerides; total, LDL, and Dating cans soda apolipoproteins; glucose, insulin, and insulin resistance; high sensitivity C-reactive protein; uric acid; and liver enzymes.