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Cameră Deluxe cu pat king-size Sejur 3 nopți în mai Poor customer service! But not for this time.

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I hope the hotel management look into your staff smack the internet de la pony towards your guest. I understand that breakfast only serve for a few hours and it gets busy at times.

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I was pretty early for my breakfast that day and it was before 9am. The restaurant was very crowded and your staff is not v helpful to find seats for your guest your female staff with super long pony tail and thick black eyeliner on 4 May.

We have to chase your staff to clear the dirty table for us.

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Another matured female staff in apron with short hair is even worse! She has very poor attitude towards her guest, nonetheless she was so irritated by us when we wanna see the made to order menu around the bar! First of all, we are not familiar with the process to order and we were hungry.

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Secondly, your staff did not give us the menu at our table and none dating andover them explain to us. You could have inform us nicely to get back to our table for breakfast order and not push me away with your side body nor tell me off infront of a restaurant full of guest!

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All the night market and restaurant we have visited in Taiwan has better customer service than what had happened! But the rest of your hotel staff has very good service!

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Your reception, doorman, room keeper, always greet us with wide smile and they are always friendly to us. Room was very clean and we are happy about it. I will have my staff to take more training and attention on service attitude.

Alas Smith și Jones Tinerețe Tatăl lui Smith, Kenneth, s-a născut în Tow Lawjudețul Durham și a lucrat la o mină de cărbune în timpul celui de- al doilea război mondial ; având grijă de poneii de groapă. După încheierea războiului, s-a mutat la Londra și s-a căsătorit cu mama lui Smith, ai cărei părinți dețineau un fructier în Chiswick. Când guvernul a legalizat pariurile pe stradă prin Legea de pariuri și jocuri dinel a transformat magazinul în primul magazin de pariuri din Chiswick.