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Bucovina is situated in the northern part of the region of Moldova, bordering with Ukraine.

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Note: The region of Moldova often referred to in the Western press as Moldavia is not to be confused with the Republic of Moldova, its eastern neighbor. Highlights Moldova rivals Transylvania when it comes to rich folklore, natural beauty and astonishing history.


Over the past years, history, culture and religious life have molded Iasi, the cultural capital of Moldova. Iasi boasts an impressive number of Orthodox churches, almostmost of them located in the Golden Plateau, representing the nucleus of the wine dating website, around which the city developed over the centuries.

One of the most famous wine dating website in the city is the stunning Church of the Three Hierarchs, built in Another major landmark in Iasi is the neo-gothic Palace of Culture, built betweencurrently housing the Ethnographic Museum, the Art Museum, and the History Museum of Moldova.

Built in the 15th and 16th centuries and featuring colorful exterior frescoes depicting dramatic religious scenes, these richly decorated houses of worships are unique in the world. Erected in by Stefan the Great, Voronet's most stunning feature is a Last Judgment fresco painted — as at all the churches — on the exterior façade.

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The blue paint that has miraculously never faded is known throughout the world as 'Voronet blue'. The artists here worked in isolation, guarding their trade secrets and to this day, the composition of the paint remains a mystery.

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Other painted churches not to be missed include Sucevitawith its distinctive greens, and Humorwhere the frescoes are predominantly red. Also nearby are, ArboreDragomirna, Moldovita and Putna monasteries.

Villa Rihuini (wine house)Transylvania traditional authentic saxon house

For more information about The Painted Monasteries please visit www. Once the capital of Wine dating website from untilit has some noteworthy attractions of its own, such as the remains of datând cheia redusă Fortress of Suceava built in Today, visitors can tour the remains of the impressive fortifications and take in a great view of the city.

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Other sights in Suceava include the St. The Bucovina History Museum displays medieval armor, coins, tools and ancient documents. Its Hall of Throne is a re-creation of Stephen the Great's court with furniture, weapons and costumes.

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A visit to Bucovina would not be complete without some stunning nature walks through Ceahlau National Park, Romania's Olympus — the sacred mountain of the Dacians, the forefathers of the Romanian people. Make sure you bring binoculars as some 90 species of birds can be seen in the park area.

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Hikers won't want to pass up taking a crack at the Bicaz Gorges, a steep, twisting-and-turning climb more than three miles long.

Featured county of the month: Neamt Neamt County is located in the central-eastern part of Romania. Neamt County is aa area blessed with many touristic sites: Century-old monasteries, fascinating museums, fortresses and strongholds as well as many natural parks ideal for hiking and wild-life watching.

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Read more about Neamt County at: www. Here you'll also see some of the paintings of painter Nicolae Grigorescu.

It lies between the Getic Subcarpathians in the north and Campia Romana in the south and [ There are documents dating from the middle of the 19th century on the local wine tradition, but the tradition certainly goes even further. If the [ Sibiu distinguishes itself by a rich historical patrimony created during its almost years of existence.

Panaghia, Mt. Dochia and Mt. Caciula Dorobantului. Access to the top of the mountain - which offers panoramic views of the city of Piatra Neamt and Ceahlau Mountain — is possible by foot and by gondola cable car.

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Activities Hiking, biking, skiing and wildlife watching.