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Clearly still remember that moment!

Но организм Кэти ослаблен приемом наркотиков, - перебила Николь поток цветовых слов. - Ее тело, возможно, будет сопротивляться, как тело старухи. А Роберт измотан, он все время работает.

Rey Francis Bardon Acum lună I will admit that Chat-shire has a lot of sensual themes and objects in it. The chosen artwork for Zeze and its lyrics; The several disturbing scenes in Twenty-three like the part where the lyrics go "I want to fall in love" then a vase falls on jia heechul dating table and dating doon and a red flower went out of it, Jia heechul dating think everyone already knows what that means.

The choreography for Twenty-three was really sensual as well, like the type of Kpop music videos my less than respectable friends tune into.

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When I realized though that she was only 21 years old internationally at that time, I continued to be a fan. I realized that I was looking at this young lady as some great individual but she was just a girl. She might have wanted to appear more mature in "Chat-shire" that's why the lyrics, music video, and choreography were like that.

What I'm saying is she tried something and made jia heechul dating mistakes as she also admits to in her apology. I like your video a lot because you did not directly say that all the fault goes to the haters and what they were saying about IU though some were really exaggerated.

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I believe that hating the haters and denying their opinions would not suit the fans of the genuine and lovely IU. She has been very careful ever since with her songs AND she is not afraid to sing Zeze or Twenty-three in her concerts, showing her strength. She made mistakes and came back stronger and I love that about her.

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That line resonates with me, "IU is such a 'huge' person but her frame is too small". I will continue to love this woman who is trying to make everyday with a little less sadness and a little more happiness as a fan.

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IU-ssi, fighting! Sorry for the long comment IUaena's Diary :D, thank you for the video as always.

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I had a poker face but tears jia heechul dating streaming out of my eyes haha] Rey Francis Bardon Acum 29 Zile Thu Anh Đặng that's good to know, it's my first time seeing the other artwork : However, even without being told of Zeze's "sexual implications", that artwork is pretty disturbing and the fishnets in the original work is just a good way to justify Zeze looking like a female stripper, to the eye of someone who sees it objectively without any context.

It's a kind of thing that would have been frowned upon by many people that she or her company could have reviewed and removed to avoid controversy.

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Now, it is also very possible that it was innocently made by the artist. Still, more thought could have been put there tat would have avoided many people from attacking the album. If you look closely at the lines above his knees, try to view it from another angle, you will see that he is wearing fishnets under short pants.

К концу этого времени всех - в особенности птенцов и близнецов - буквально лихорадило. Ричард и Наи взяли Тамми, Тимми, Бенджи и младших в коридор, безуспешно пытаясь утихомирить их, и повели от большого зала к вертикальному коридору с острыми выступами, опускавшемуся глубже в логово октопауков.

About fishnets, they're not problematic because the illustrator also drew another man wearing fishnets in the same artwork but no one complains about that.

People just think of it as 'sexual' because they've already been jia heechul dating to see Zeze that way. I posted an image so you can see it better: imgur. But, since we're both fans of IU, let's agree to disagree.

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I love Chat-shire as well so let's let that be. I felt like she can start releasing poetry book already lol Jia heechul dating Chan.

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