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It is therefore a good idea to update Gracenote® at regular intervals.

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Updating occurs in two stages using an empty USB memory. Download files and update Gracenote® It is a good idea to update Gracenote® at regular intervals.

Download and install updates to the computer BIOS.

A description of how to download update files and update Gracenote® in your Volvo can be found below. Download program Gracenote® files are downloaded using a program that is installed on your computer when you download update files.

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Update Gracenote® files To download update files for Gracenote®, go to www. Under the heading Gracenote®, click on Update Gracenote and then select the relevant system for your car.

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Then follow the instructions below: Instructions Depending on which system you have, select the download link for either Windows or Mac.

Select Runto install the download program. Click on New download to download the file to a USB memory stick.

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Take the USB memory with the downloaded file to your up dating and switch on the infotainment system. If there are two USB inputs the second one must not be used at the same time.


Up dating position of this port may vary depending on the car model. The system automatically detects the availability of an update and a message appears on screen up dating that updating is in progress.

Update the BIOS automatically using HP Support Assistant

When installation is complete, a notification is displayed indicating that the update has been installed. The USB memory can now be removed.

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If there are any problems with the update, contact your customer support or Volvo dealer. Updating tips An update takes about 15 minutes and the infotainment system must be on.

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Use a battery charger or keep the car's engine running while the update is in progress, for example during a journey. Gracenote® is updated all the time.

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Keep an eye out for new updates. Articole conexe.

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