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Începutul unei legături în lumea cărţilor: Batthyány Ignác şi Dániel Imre. Source: Revista Transilvania. The name of this cultural institution is connected to its founder, Batthyány Ignác.

Am decis amândoi să descărcăm Tinder și să vedem ce se întâmplă.

But when we talk about the present library, reference must also be made to its first librarian, Dániel Imre. The information gathered concerning the beginning of the relationship between the Bishop of Transylvania and his future librarian have taken us back to the year so far; but future research will undoubtedly provide new insights into this relationship which may have started in the late 70's of the 18th century.

Both personalities have benefited from it: the Bishop received valuable information daniel dating to the libraries and the books from the Italian Peninsula, where he had sent Dániel Imre, and the latter built his entire intellectual career on the financial support offered by his patron, Batthyány - both in Vienna and in Italy.

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But the true beneficiaries have been the books themselves, either manuscripts pamela lee dating printed editions, to which bishop Batthyány offered a special settlement, worthy of such a treasure.

The bishop's library continued to grow even after his death inbut it did not change its location and is still housed in the building he had bought for this purpose.

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